Course Specifications

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Qur'an course

Our goal with this course is to help the student help you or your child to learn the holey Qur'an.

• First: start from the basics until the student is able to read Qur'an rules & verses with Tajweed rules & signs.

• Second: Correct the existing reading mistakes that may have occurred due to wrong reading habits.

• Finally: learn Tajweed rules, from beginner to advanced level, to help the student read Qur'an just like it was revealed to prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ), advancing through three levels.

Arabic language

Our goal with this course is to help the student learn Arabic language.

• First: know the Arabic letters & short vowels.

• Second: read fluently and learn Arabic vocabulary in an easy and entertaining way, through every day, real-life conversations.

• Finally: learn Arabic grammar in a simplified, indirect way, with a group of qualified native Arab teachers.

Islamic studies

Course sections

• Fiqh ( Jurisprudence) : we help the student understand the principles of Islamic laws that govern a Muslim's everyday life

• Aqeedah ( faith ) : a student gains necessary knowledge about his Lord and his religion, which helps him in the face of uncertain times and life temptations.

• Tafseer ( Qur'an Interpretation & explanation) : a student learns the meaning of the verses of the Holy Qur'an, the circumstances behind verse revelation, and how we - as Muslims - can put Qur'an teachings into action.

• Seerah ( biography of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ) : a student learns about the life of prophet Muhammad and his companions, and how we - as Muslims - can follow their lead and be guided by them.